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Excel Sports Origin T-Shirt

The Origin tee pays homage to the original Excel Sports logo and gives some insight to our humble beginnings. The front of the shirt features our current Circle Bolt Logo, while the back dons the original Rider Logo that was used from 1988-1993. This logo was produced in the pre-Illustrator days when the art world was fairly uncivilized which helps explain why the logo is so raw (and why we still love it so much).

The shirt blank is the familiar American Apparel Tri-Blend. And when it comes to contemporary tees, it doesn't get any better than an American Apparel Tri-Blend, which is why it is widely considered the best t-shirt available on the market. The construction is 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon and 50% Poly. This is the best combo for fitted, long wearing T's. In contrast, when you use straight-up cotton, you are limited in what you can produce for an end product. For example, with the material blend in this shirt, it can be pre-stretched with added elastic and fine-combed for a smooth-to-the-touch product. Proper fit can be achieved with contours to your body and a small amount of elastane woven into the fabric. This material blend and process is more expensive than a straight cotton shirt, but it will last longer, fit better and be far more comfortable. Available in grey and in several sizes in which to choose.


  • American Apparel Tri-Blend shirt
  • Fitted and tapered garment
  • Perfect wear-ability and wash-ability
  • Simple and uncluttered two color scheme
  • Heather grey
  • Soft, comfortable and lightweight


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