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Shimano PD-6610 PD-R540 SPD-SL Pedal Body Cover

Replacement pedal body cover for Shimano PD-6610 and PD-R540 SPD-SL pedals. This friction plate is designed to be replaced periodically for the best pedal performance. Now, we all know that the 6610 and R540 pedal were a good design and had many fans, but one flaw was the use of a plastic plate. It needs to be replaced to eliminate squeaking and rocking that occurs when this friction plate starts to wear. Fortunately, the replacement procedure is a simple operation and the plates are relatively inexpensive. Sold individually, so order 2 for one pair of pedals.


  • Easy to install
  • Sold individually
  • Extends pedal life
  • Only compatible with the PD-6610 PD-R540 SPD-SL pedals
  • $2.00
    Item #: 301945
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