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Cyclocross    Tires - Tubular

Clement PDX Tubular Cyclocross Tire

Seemingly perfect tread design that balances speed with grip. When we first took shipment of the PDF tires and listed them in our inventory, it was like throwing chum into shark invested waters. They are made in small quantities and the demand is almost always higher than the supply.

The PDX has a 3mm knob height with a staggered center ridge and widely spaced off center and side knobs. The tread is also integrated with the tire during manufacturing so it will not peel detach from the casing. The tires sidewall are coated with rubber to prevent deterioration from the rigors of cyclocross. This means, no additional sidewall coating, like application of Aquatex is necessary.


  • PDX tread pattern
  • removable valve core
  • Durable sidewalls
  • All condition tire
Reg Price $129.00
Item #: 744400