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The PRO PLT is a simple, lightweight and durable stem that will give you many seasons of riding without issue. The low profile design (and graphics) blend into your bike and go virtually unnoticed. From experience, we can tell you that a bike component that goes unnoticed year after year is the sign of a good product. Great price point and as light and strong as anything in its class make this a good choice for many/any rider.

The body of the stem is hexagonal in shape and constructed from 2014 series alloy. Further treatment to the stem body (and face plate) includes heat treatment, ball burnishing and black anodization. The 2 piece face plate is light and makes bar installation a snap. One thing to note, PRO took the time to machine of the ends of the face clamps to save weight but also give a bit of contrast to a mainly black stem - nice little touch. A standard 2 bolt fixing assembly attaches the PLT stem to your fork. The unique feature of the PLT stem vs. other PRO stems is the fact you can flip it to vary your fit. Simple and slight grey graphics round out the package.

Select length and angle.


  • Hexagonal body
  • 2 piece face clamp action
  • 31.8 clamp diameter
  • 128 grams
Reg Price $59.95
Item #: 325055