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PRO PLT Zero Off-Set Seatpost


PRO modeled the PLT product line after the Vibe 7S, but used less expensive and more economical materials to add value while keeping a steady eye on performance. The PLT seatposts are made from 6000 series aluminum which offers high quality, performance orientated component at a superb price. It weighs more than the 7000 series alloy found in the Vibe 7S but only by 20 grams or so. The shaft is anodized and ball burnished for added durability. The top of the shaft is forged into a head that offers zero setback. Perfect for smaller frames or riders who want to ride further forward in relation to the bottom bracket shell.

The PRT has PROs one bolt clamping mechanism which allows for fore-aft and level adjustment of the saddle with one turn of the wrench. It has never been easier to install and adjust a saddle. This ain't your daddy's seatpost clamp. We offer this seatpost in 27.2mm and 31.6mm diameters, choose your length.


  • One bolt clamping mechanism
  • 0mm of setback
  • 6000 series alloy
  • Bead blasted and anodized finish
  • Superb value and race ready
  • 272 grams


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