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Park Tool PRS-21 Team Race Workstand

Same great stability, versatility and features as the PRS-20 Team Race Stand, yet weighs 35% less only 13.5 lbs (6.2 kg). Built using a combination of steel for strength in joints and pivots, and aluminum to save weight. The PRS-21 is the perfect stand to choose when size and weight are important. Ideal for the traveling mechanic. Park BAG-20 travel and storage bag for the PRS-21 available separately.


  • Adjustable and durable
  • Good for home or travel

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  • $219.00
    Reg Price $289.95
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    Posted on 7/16/2007 5:59:21 PM

    Definitely buy this bike stand. I bought this stand so I could work on my Soloist SL frame. Due to the aero shaped tubes and seat post I didnt want to damage anything with a clamp. This stand design makes all other stands obsolete. It weighs 13lbs and can be put under the bed or in closet. Very fast to set up and get working on the bike when needed. This will be the last bike stand you will buy. I am selling my other two park tools stands. Love the way you can rotate the bike 360 degrees and lower or raise the height of the bike to access the entire frame.


    Posted on 4/18/2007 12:12:48 PM

    Terrific product. I purchased the PRS-21 stand to work on my carbon framed bikes. It is a very well built stand that is sturdy and strong. The stand provides a stable platform to work on your bike. I decided to not use the strap to secure the frame around the bottom bracket and removed the strap from the stand. I didn’t need the strap to secure the bike and when not used, the strap hits the rotating crank arms. Unfortunately, because of my thin walled carbon fiber frames I am retiring my Park PRS-5 stand which provided me with years of excellent service. The people at Park Tool suggested that I can use the PRS-5 if I replace my bikes seat tube with an aluminum one when working on my bike. Then, affix the workstand clamp to the aluminum seat tube. But, I work on or clean my bike up to 2x per week and I didn’t want to remove and refasten the seat that often.