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Capo Padrone Hi Vis Vest

Gary Vasconi, Co-Founder of Capo, was riding home from work one day when he was hit by a truck. This was a turning point for him when he realized that he could make a piece of clothing that not only added visibility to his kit, but also maintained the style and performance that Capo has been known for from day one.

The Padrone HiVis Vest is possibly the best year round piece of clothing you can own. As part of the GS Series from Capo the Padrone HiVis vest has a lot to live up to. The uncompromising standards that Capo has set for the GS series includes top of the line construction to ensure top quality cycling performance. The Vest is made with two important materials. The first is Super Black Membrane, this is an ultra reflective wind-stopping and water repelling material used on the front of the vest. The P-10 material is a lightly perforated, breathable, reflective material that helps you maintain a proper body temperature.

Capo used the proven performance of their Padrone fit to introduce this vest. This means that it also has a taller collar, an anatomic fit and the flexibility that we have come to expect from the GS Series. Capo also included three pockets plus one zippered pocket to keep your valuables in.


  • Super Black Membrane
  • P-10 Membrane
  • 3 Pockets plus 1 zipper pocket
  • GS Series fit
  • ultra reflective
Reg Price $269.95
Item #: 876130