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Capo Padrone Jersey

Capo pulled out all the stops using all the technology and resources available to them to create the Padrone jersey. Many manufacturers have attempted to bring a super high end, technology-driven article of clothing to market and end up failing. Reason being, these product often end up being so feature laden and over developed that it loses its sense of purpose - to be a cycling jersey. In short this means it need to be light and feel almost non-existent to the rider. A perfect piece of cycle wear is one that shouldn't even be noticed and the materials and features should accomplish their design tasks in the background. This is what the Padrone accomplishes through thoughtful design. It uses the proper fabrics in the correct places and patterns cut to fit the body during dynamic motion.

The jersey features an unprecedented 20+ panels. Each panel is strategically placed using the proper material and fabric for the task at hand. A majority of the body is composed of Capo's HSC fabric -a high gauge, compact and lightweight micro-fiber which offers a balanced, multidirectional stretch and superior moisture transfer properties. Possibly the best jersey material available to date. 'Silver' fabric is used under the arms and for side panels. In short, it is a quick drying, dual knit micro-fiber with visible silver thread for increased breathability and effective anti-bacterial protection. Perhaps the most interesting and most visible design feature is the Carbon E fabric that is run up the back center of the jersey. It looks similar to bib suspenders and adds an extra element of support to reduce longitudinal stretch. The Carbon E is a dual knit micro-fiber with a visible carbon thread that is super light, has excellent moisture transfer a provides effective UV protection. Think of the sun's rays beating down on your back - perfect place for an added UV shield.

For storage, the jersey has the three standard back pockets and a small zip pocket residing on the outside of the middle back pocket. Full zipper front allows you to adjust the amount of opening to your liking and run it wide open, Euro style if it is absolutely blazing during your ride.

One interesting observation we have made about the jersey is the styling. It is the multi panels using all the different fabrics and textures that make all around unique and subdued piece. No monster logos and colors are need to make the supreme statement that this jersey oozes of quality, technology and fashion sense. Just a smallish Capo logo and the Italian tricolor flag. The black color matches any other cycling items in your current wardrobe and the innovation and fabric selection keeps the Padrone black jersey cool in hot temps and is just plain cool to be seen in.


  • Highest tech jersey made
  • 3 pockets plus small zip pocket
  • Contoured fit
  • 20+ panel construction
  • Made in Italy
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