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Road    Tires - Clincher

Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Tire

The most anticipated entry of the Maxxis Padrone is exciting for the tubeless road tire market. More choices is a good thing. One important characteristic of the Padrone is that it uses an impermeable butyl inner liner and bead cushion for an air-tight seal that retains pressure longer than its competitors.

Maxxis uses its carefully match dual tread compound for low rolling resistance and long tread ware in the center and a stickier compound on the side tread for enhanced grip in the corners. This tubeless road tire also employs Maxxis's proprietary Silkworm material for puncture protection, along with a high-strength carbon fiber bead.


  • 290 grams
  • Silkworm Puncture Protection
  • 125 maximum psi
  • 120 tpi casing
  • High-strength carbon fiber bead
  • Dual Compound Tubeless Technology
  • Includes a pair of Maxxis tire levers
Reg Price $100.00
Item #: 724500 Weight: 290g


Average Rating:


 Anonymous : 

Been riding road tubeless since day one. These are the first Maxxis tires I've used. They are way ahead of the other BigName brands. They were very easy to mount on DuraAce wheel set. Ride em at 85-90 psi. Very smooth ride. Only time will tell how durable they are.

Pros: Ease of mounting

Cons: $$


 Anonymous : 

This is the first tubeless tire I've run after using Conti GP 4000S clinchers for many years. The biggest difference I noticed was the exceptional handling on corners and fast descents. Ride comfort is comparable to the 4000S mainly because these tires are a skinny 23mm wide mounted up whereas the 23c Contis I had measured a fat 25mm wide on my 23mm wide rims. Unfortunately there is no 25c version available and there are very few 25c tubeless tires made in general. Can't speak for durability yet, but have ~500 miles so far with negligible wear and cuts. Mounting was relatively easy with no levers needed.

Pros: Exceptional handling

Cons: Skinny width/volume


 Anonymous : 

I've ridden many many tires over the years and have always wondered why road tires were still so poor, given the improvements in tire technology in other fields. The Padrone is the next level of tire development, corner speeds and straight line speed are so confidence inspiring that you feel like you're riding a race quality motorcycle tire. The tubeless ride is super smooth, and the install was straight forward, best tubeless I've ever used, won't be changing anytime soon.

Pros: fast smooth grippy

Cons: $100