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Road    Tires - Clincher

Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Tire

The most anticipated entry of the Maxxis Padrone is exciting for the tubeless road tire market. More choices is a good thing. One important characteristic of the Padrone is that it uses an impermeable butyl inner liner and bead cushion for an air-tight seal that retains pressure longer than its competitors.

Maxxis uses its carefully match dual tread compound for low rolling resistance and long tread ware in the center and a stickier compound on the side tread for enhanced grip in the corners. This tubeless road tire also employs Maxxis's proprietary Silkworm material for puncture protection, along with a high-strength carbon fiber bead.


  • 290 grams
  • Silkworm Puncture Protection
  • 125 maximum psi
  • 120 tpi casing
  • High-strength carbon fiber bead
  • Dual Compound Tubeless Technology
  • Includes a pair of Maxxis tire levers
Reg Price $100.00
Item #: 724500 Weight: 290g