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Challenge Parigi Roubaix Tire

Parigi- Roubaix. The name alone stirs images of dust and mud-covered cyclists and bikes, snippets of colorful kit and paint flashing by as the incredible skills of the riders are tested by the cobbles of the Arenberg… One of the main pre-race stories every year is the selection of tires by the teams. Every racer dreams of a supple tire that can negotiate the cobbles without flats, yet can fly swiftly over the kilometers of pavement that link the famed cobblestone sections. Over the 200+ km distance the riders may face hot, dry and dusty conditions, only to find themselves moments later covered in mud and heavy rain. Thousands and thousands of dollars are invested in the bikes and wheels that transport these hardy souls, but less than 30mm of tire actually connect the rider and bike to the road.

The alternating file tread of the Challenge Parigi-Roubaix tubular tire covers much more of the tire's rounded crown than usual. This coverage, and the pattern itself, give the tire excellent adherence when cornering and navigating the various edges and surfaces of the cobbles. The Super-Poly casing allows the 27mm tire to grip and conform, but with low resistance due to its 300 threads per inch. The rider enjoys an extraordinary amount of effective surface area to work with. These technologies maintain speed, control, and confidence while reducing the likelihood of puncture. A tire built for Roubaix, indeed. These same features and capabilities have graced the wheels of many Boulder riders as they live, race, and train on the combination of pavement, dirt, and gravel roads of the surrounding area. In the Classics, or here at home, Challenge supplies tires that allow cyclists to maximize the terrain and extend their range.


  • 300 TPI Casing with 75-175 PSI range
  • 700 x 27mm tubular at 330g
  • Super Poly casing with PPS2 protection
  • Stealth black on black sidewall and tread
Item #: 724832