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Road    Tires - Tubular

Vittoria Pave EVO CG Tubular Tire

Vittoria designed the Pave EVO CG for handling the tough European classics, especially in inclement weather. It's also serves riders who want a durable training/racing tire for rough terrain. The wider width available in the CG gives more ground contact for a super stable ride, while the coarse CG file tread with its wide fins, grips and siphons well.

At the heart of the tire is the Corespun 320 tpi casing. The casing is made from a poly-cotton blend that has Kevlar woven in to add durability. Kevlar in thread form is soft and flexible, so while offering added protection, it will not adversely affect the handling. The huge thread count of these materials are tightly woven and end up giving the rider near perfect road feedback and a firm but resilient cornering feel.

The tread is a dual compound with a firm/harder durameter center for fast rolling and softer durameter compound on the sides for grip. The Corsa EVO CG tread is constructed from natural rubber that is enhanced with Silica and Kevlar SiO². These 'additives' greatly enhance the ride characteristics - the Silica reduces rolling resistance while the Kevlar increases wear time and durability.

Sandwiched between the tread and casing is Vittoria's proprietary PRB 2.0 protective layer. This strip helps protect the casing from glass shards and general road debris that can wedge into the tread and cause flatting


  • 320 tpi Corespun Kevlar cotton casing
  • Dual density compound enhanced with Silica and Kevlar
  • CG coarse file tread pattern
  • PRB 2.0 protective layer
  • 268 grams - 24mm
  • 318 grams - 27mm
  • $99.95
    Reg Price $119.95
    Item #: 743061