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Bike Pro Peloton Travel Case

The Peloton Travel Case is the Race Case on a budget. It still features durable Cordura construction with a steel base frame that has a fork and bottom bracket mount. The sides are no longer reinforced (but are padded) and there is no external steel skeletal structure covering the top of the frame. This is a true soft case. Other than price savings, the ultimate benefit is what this case does while you're on vacation, but not actually traveling. It stores up nice and tight to a tiny footprint, so it is easy to store and get out of the way when you do not need it.

Inside the case there are pockets for both wheels and smaller pocket for bike accessories, like pedals, saddle and seatpost. Frame mounted casters, conveniently placed handles and shoulder strap make hauling your frame around busy airports and rental car shuttles that much easier. At 22lbs, you will enjoy the lightest of our travel cases. Sometimes less is more.


  • 2" dense foam padding all around bag
  • Rigid steel frame at bottom attaches to fork/bottom/bracket
  • No need for handlebar disassembly
  • Side pockets for wheels, pedals and accessories
  • Fixed (not swivel) casters on bottom of case
  • Fits frame sizes up to 61cm or 24 inches
  • 23"x51"x8"
  • 22lbs
Item #: 978100
Out of stock - ETA: 12/18/2014