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Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

When you think Mavic you probably think wheels, but Mavic is really branching out. It might not be too difficult to believe that all that engineering prowess that they possess creates a pretty amazing helmet as well. We know you are skeptical; you have been riding the same brand of helmet since you first realized that a skid lid was a good idea. You say things like "it's the only helmet that fits my head" or "they just make the best helmet." We say, if you believe that, then just try on a Mavic helmet and see what happens. We know the Plasma will surprise you because it surprised us. The fit is second to none and the fit and finish is remarkable.

Mavic started the process with over a year of development to produce the most comfortable helmet on the market. Prototype after prototype was created and tested to ensure a great fit on a lot of different heads, eliminating pressure points that always have seemed inevitable. Through development they created the Erog Hold Retention system which allows for over 6cm of adjustment. For safety they developed an internal skeleton and an internal carbon wing to dissipate energy in a crash. To keep you cool they have developed an exceptionally vented shape and introduced Ergo fit Pads which not only provide comfort but also wick moisture away. Overall this is a helmet that will surprise you, put it on your head once and you may never take it off again.


  • Erog Protec Carbon
  • Ergo Fit Pads
  • Ergo Hold SL Retention System
  • Reflective elements
  • Superior fit and finish
  • 287 grams (medium)
Item #: 785041