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ISM Adamo Podium Saddle

The ISM Adamo Podium saddle is ISM's ultimate road racing saddle. It took 5 years of development working closely with Pro Tour cyclists to design the perfect shape and slope based on a wealth of their professional racing experience. The result is a longer, narrower, and leaner performance saddle. If you have trouble with numbness, loss of blood flow or discomfort try one of the ISM saddles many riders are raving about.

ISM saddles have a rather unique shape with a forked nose designed to transfer your weight from soft tissue areas to the sit bones for better skeletal support. ISM saddles are particularly suited to relieving pressure for both aero positions on a TT/Tri bike as well as low, streamlined road positions. Over the years, ISM has seen success with Ironman wins, Olympic medals, road racing and countless age group victories. Pros and amateurs alike are finding riding and competing comfortable again.

One detail of ISM saddles is the setup is a little different than a standard saddle. Basically, you want to line up the rails to your current saddle. This will put the nose about 2-inches further back and the rear of the saddle about 1.5-inches further back. Also, don't sit all the way back on an ISM saddle. You should be able to see about 1.5-2" of the back portion saddle when in a normal riding position. ISM saddles are set up initially with the rails level meaning the top will slope downward slightly. If you feel like you have to scoot up the saddle, raise the nose slightly. likewise, if the nose is poking you, lower the nose slightly. ISM saddles are a little taller so you may have to lower your seatpost a little.


  • 312 grams
  • 7mm Titanium
  • 130mm wide and 270mm long
  • No loss of blood flow to the genital area
  • Great choice for Aero positions and low road positions
  • Supports sit bones and eliminates pressure on soft tissue areas
  • $224.95
    Item #: 704220 Weight: 312g
    Item Ships Free