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Road    Bottom Brackets

Campagnolo Power-Torque CX Bottom Bracket Cups

These are the same as Campagnolo regular Power Torque bottom bracket except there is a double lip seal for cyclocross to better keep out dirt and mud. The Power Torque BB outboard cups install in a standard threaded bottom bracket shell - select BSC (English) or Italian threading. They install with a standard Park, Pedros, or Campagnolo outboard bottom bracket cup tool. There is a cartridge bearing in the left side cup while the bearing for the right side resides with the crank. Please note: the Power Torque cups are not compatible with Ultra Torque cranks.

The Power Torque system features a full length spindle fixed into the right crank arm. The splined left arm slides on to the splined spindle and is held in place with a 14mm hex (Allen) bolt. The right side sealed bearing is attached to the crank and the left side is installed in the Power Torque BB cup.


  • 73 grams
  • Double lip seal for cyclocross
  • Cartridge bearing in left side cup
  • Alloy cups with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Compatible with Power Torque cranksets only
  • $24.88
    Reg Price $48.00
    Item #: 102131