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Nutrition    Hydration Drink Mix

Osmo Nutrition Preload Hydration for Men

Osmo Preload Hydration is designed for use prior to intense efforts, ultra endurance events or exercise in hot conditions. It is a special application "hyper-hydrator" and was used to win gold in London. Preload increases plasma volume and sodium stores. It also contains aerobic and anaerobic buffers.

Osmo Preload Hydration is best used the night before and 30 minutes prior to hot-weather efforts or intense workout conditions. Osmo Preload Hydration is a specific pre-exercise hyper hydrator and buffer. It has been formulated with two different sodium compounds, citrate and bicarbonate, to do two things: expand your plasma volume (the watery part of your blood that is essential for thermoregulation) and provide buffer agents to the anaerobic and aerobic metabolic pathways.


  • 9.2 oz. (260g)
  • 20 eight-ounce servings per container
  • 25 calories per eight-ounce serving

Ingredients: trisodium citrate, D-glucose, sodium bicarbonate, sucrose, potassium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium citrate, organic compliant flavor, lemon juice powder, lemon oil, monk fruit extract, organic pineapple powder

Item #: 988375