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Wheels Manufacturing Press Fit 30 to Shimano BB Adapter

This adapter is required if you want to install Shimano 24mm HollowTech II cranks on a PressFit 30 frame with a SRAM Press Fit30 bearing assembly. In case you are wondering, a BB30 spec frame has a 42 inner diameter BB shell and a Pressfit 30 frame has a 46mm inner diameter BB shell. Made from lightweight Delrin. Does not include the PressFit30 bearing assembly so order that too if you don't already have one.


  • 47 grams
  • Made from lightweight Delrin
  • Allows the use of 24mm Shimano HollowTech II cranks on a PressFit 30 frame

Works on Pressfit30 frames only with a SRAM PressFit30 bearing assembly - (i.e does not work on BB30 frames)

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