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Prestacycle Prestaflator Deluxe with Presta Head

If you have a compressor in your shop and do not have this tool, the compressor is not being utilized to its true potential. This prosumer grade tool quickly and accurately gets tires up to pressure, be it road or mountain. Durable steel constructed handle, poly-encased gauge and thick stranded hose can withstand plenty of shop-style abuse. This tool is worth its weight in gold and will relegate the many floor pumps in the shop to the corner to collect dust. On a side note, the head will pump out enough air volume to blast dirt/debris and clean up shop floors, work benches and hard to reach corners, nooks and crannies that are not accessible with a broom.

The fitting is made to work with standard quick release couplings to bolt right up for quick and easy use. Clip it on and it's ready for use.


  • Fits all standard compressor chuck
  • Accurate gauge
  • Silca-like pump head
  • Durable steel handle
  • Shop quality product
  • $59.95
    Item #: 524510
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