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Ritchey Pro Marathon V2 Saddle


Identical to the WCS Marathon V2 excpet it features tubular chomo rails and a synthetic leather cover for cost savings.

The Marathon gets its name from a saddle designed for Marathon events - basically a saddle that was meant to be comfortable and performance orientated for long durations in the saddle. When you think it through, if a saddle is comfortable for long rides, then it is equally as comfortable for short rides too. In short, the Marathon is just a great saddle regardless of how long you plan on riding!

The wing shell design provides a good balance of flex and stiffness. To much flex creates unneeded slop in the saddle and greatly effects performance. Ritchey found a nice balance here. The shell of the saddle is constructed from 35% carbon which helps to dissipate vibration and cut down on weight. ChroMo rails are super durable and will never let you down. As an added bonus, Ritchey applied a small amount of Kevlar on the lower rear section of the saddle to reduce wear. This is a common place for any saddle to get scuffed and damaged.

All in all a solid design that offers low weight durability and a saddle shape that should appeal to many riders. Choose from black or white.


  • Contoured profile
  • Wing shell flex support
  • Kevlar® abrasion resistant sides
  • Tubular cromoly rails
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • 274 grams
  • $48.88
    Reg Price $89.95
    Item #: 703065 Weight: 274g