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Craft ProCool Compression Socks

Compression garments have been used for decades to help boost weak circulation. Recently, athletes are employing compression garments such as the Craft proCool Compression socks to reduce soreness and enhance recovery. Compression socks are also commonly used during travel to reduce swelling and they are now part of almost every professional cyclist's and triathlete's gear bag.

Studies show the benefits of lower leg compression before and after taxing workouts for athletes who go back to the grind day after day. Tight compression reduces muscle vibration in action, translating to leg power and better performance. In recovery, compression helps reduce swelling and promotes circulation. Compression socks are a great way to get a possible performance benefit at a relatively low price.

Craft uses lycra plus proCool channel stitching construction to bring together two fabric technologies for Craft's trademark combined benefits of an effective fit and excellent breathability.


  • Lycra ribbed arch support to keep the sock firmly in place
  • Perfect for pre/post race travel, endurance training and racing
  • Compression fit over calves reduce muscle vibrations, focus power delivery and aid in muscle recovery
  • Channel stitched structure allows air to circulate keeping your foot and lower leg cool and dry
  • Wide Lycra cuffs ensure a secure and comfortable fit just below the knee
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