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Silca Pump Head Locking 40.0

New head is the improved locking type that firmly stays on the valve stem. The 40.0 locking Presta pump head presses into a hose so a clip, hose clamp or zip tie is required.


  • Made in Italy
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     Anonymous : 

    Like everyone else says, this pump head will self-destruct in ten uses. Mine broke after using it for 5 months. Yeah, it worked fine, but not as well as the old brass pump head of similar design. I didn't use this pump head that often - only when I needed a pump head with a locking mechanism. Perhaps I had only used it 30 times before the shaft that connects the hose to the pump head broke off where it enters the pump head. To make matters worse, the pump head jammed itself onto the valve. After some struggling, I was able to get the pump head off the valve. I took the pump head apart to find the threads that secure the cap had almost pulled themselves completely off the pump head.

    Pros: It's shiny

    Cons: Poorly built


     Anonymous : 

    I have an older brass version of this that has been in use for several years and is great. I bought a 2nd one to keep at the velodrome storage locker and it's the current cheap aluminum version. I snapped one within the first few uses just like several other reviews. I was quickly given a replacement at no charge. The replacement has been working for about a year, but I'm much more careful with it. It's a shame that silca didn't stick with the old school quality brass design as it was much more durable.

    Pros: great product while it lasts

    Cons: durability


     Anonymous : 

    Not happy with it at all. Have had for two weeks and used it about 5 times and it broke just like the other two above where the barrel joins the locking presta head. Very disappointed!

    Pros: Looks nice, makes a great paper weight.

    Cons: Flimsy, shoddy construction.


     Anonymous : 

    I've had one of these for a couple of years, and I've used it daily. I have no problems with it. In fact it's the best locking (or otherwise) pump head I've ever used. I just ordered a second for my summer place. After reading the other reviews I guess I'll be gentle as heck with it from now on!

    Pros: Locks on all the tubes I have and doesnt leak.

    Cons: None for me


     Anonymous : 

    Poor quality the tube join broke after 1 year. It should be made form better material like brass not aluminum. I did reuse my older brass fitting.

    Cons: low quality

    6/23/2011 9:08:43 AM

     Anonymous : 

    I’ve broken 2. They snapped off at the junction of the barrel and stem. It is small and brittle.