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Mountain    Tires - 26 inch

Hutchinson Python NG UST Tire 26x2.0


This super fast tire has been a staple of XC race machines across the globe for well over a decade. Some consider the Hutchinson Python the ultimate hardpack tire.

One of the reasons the tire is so fast is the NG tread pattern. This refers to the center tread with short linked knobs. Short link meaning, it is a continuous tread except with recessions in between links for traction. This makes it fast rolling, but offers plenty of grip at the same time. The side blocks are semi-squared off and placed slightly below the shoulder of the tire. This prevents drag when rolling straight but offers plenty of bite when you lean the tire over. The Python features Hutchinson's medium density MRC compound which is specially designed to increase grip for greater control.

This particular version of the Python is UST (Universal Standard for Tubeless). That means the tire has a butyl, tube-like material heat sealed to the inside of the inner casing and around the bead. Essentially, it is like having a tube glued and sealed into the tire itself. It also helps reinforce the sidewalls for running the tires at lower pressure.

The Python is a multiple World Cup winner and primarily designed for hardpack. It might not be the first choice for a mud or wet weather tire, but some fans of the Python swear by it in any condition.


  • 66 tpi casing
  • Super-fast NG tread pattern
  • MRC compound
  • UST butyl wrapped bead/inner casing
  • 630 grams
  • $54.95
    Reg Price $75.00
    Item #: 756057
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