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Panaracer R Air Road Tube 2-Pack

Most folks purchase tubes in sets of two so now you can buy our favorite tube in the deuce pack and save some money to boot.

The R'Air features a latex-butyl composition for the ultimate in ride quality and durability, seamless construction, removable valve core and a threadless valve stem that will not chew up your pump heads. The total weight is a scant 67 grams. Who could ask for more in a tube?

When it comes to fabricating tubes, no one does it better than Panaracer. They are not outsourced to another manufacturer, but made in the Panaracer factory under the direct supervision of the engineering and production staff. Beyond controlling the production environment, every single tube is tested prior to being boxed and shipped for quality assurance. The R'Air has many benefits over standard tubes. The easiest way to understand what the R'Air is all about is to define it by construction and material.

The R'Air features a consistent wall thickness throughout the entire diameter of the tube and a completely seamless construction. This unique combination allows the tube to roll perfectly round without hops or dead spots. The Air Flex Lite Butyl material used in the tube is simply amazing. This proprietary compound is a mix of butyl and latex which rides and feels like a latex tube but is robust and holds air like butyl. The Air Flex Lite is super-flexible and has an exceptional strength to weight ratio and is very light. A standard 700c R'Air weighs in at a scant 67 grams! Now you can have the best of both worlds. Reliability of butyl with the sublime ride quality of latex.

The price of this tube reflects the quality of the tube and the ride quality that the tube produces. In summary, the R'Air will save approximately 20 grams in rolling weight over a standard butyl tube and improve reliability and enhance ride quality due to the weight reduction, thoughtful construction and Air Flex Lite material. It is simply the best tube ever made. As a bonus we special ordered them from Japan with smooth vale stems and removable cores. The smooth stem will not chew up your pump head gaskets and the removable cores will allow you to use quality valve extenders when used with aero rims and carbon clinchers.


  • Rides like latex with durability of butyl
  • Air Flex Lite butyl-latex material
  • Perfect wall thickness throughout the tube
  • Seamless construction with hermetically bonded valve stem
  • Threadless 48mm valve stem with removable core
  • Feathery 67 grams
  • Made in Japan
Reg Price $33.95
Item #: 960015