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Mavic R-Sys SLR Clincher Demo Wheelset

Make an appointment to demo these Mavic Wheels in our Boulder, Colorado showroom 303-444-6737 M-F 9-6 Saturday 10-6, closed Sunday. Demo cost is 5% of retail price per day. Your card will be charged for the entire amount of the wheels to begin the demo and you are responsible for any damage. 100% of the demo fee can be put toward a wheel purchase.

At 1355 grams, this is one of Mavic's lightest wheelset available and perfect for climbers. Exclusive Exalith 2 technology for aluminum rims has been refined to provide a very high level of durability and braking performance in all weather conditions. With Exalith 2, braking distance shortened by 18% in wet conditions, while keeping pads wear to normal level. The Exalith treatment is a by-product of a treatment used in defense applications where stronger alloys are required. Exalith actually penetrates the alloy to delay rim wear and strengthen the alloy by about 30%. It also maintain distinctive anthracite grey color for thousands of kilometers so it won't quickly wear off . Mavic includes new special black Mavic Exalith 2 brake pads to ensure quiet and high braking performance and longevity.

The R-Sys SLR wheelset achieves its low weight and ride quality through the use of Tracomp carbon spokes on the front and non-drive rear. Tracomp spoke are feather light while being super strong but perhaps their best attribute is a uber comfortable, slightly dampened ride quality almost akin to a carbon fiber frame. So you get super responsive acceleration on climbs and sprints plus comfort on bad road surfaces.


  • 780 grams rear and 575 for the front (1355g pair)
  • 16 spokes on front 20 on rear
  • Carbon fiber front and non-drive spokes, Zircal drive side
  • Includes Griplink and Powerlink tires
  • Laced radial front and non-drive, 2x drive side
  • Exalith 2 braking surface
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