Chris King R45 Shimano Conversion Kit

We put together this conversion kit to provide you with everything you need to convert any Chris King R45 hub to a Shimano 11 speed compatible setup. If you have an existing R45 hub that is Shimano/SRAM compatible that is in good working order, but not compatible with the newer 11 speed cassettes, all you will is the 11 speed freehub. This conversion will do one of two things. Convert a Campagnolo r45 hub to Shimano or Convert older Chris King Shimano R45 hubs to 11 speed and refresh all the internals as well. Not compatible with Chris King Classic hubs.


  • Compatible with R45 hubs only
  • Works with Shimano 11 speed
  • Bearings are pre-pressfit
  • Superb quality
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