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TRP R920 SL Brake Calipers Black

The TRP R920 SL brake calipers are a great alternative to standard break calipers because they offer high-end materials and very light weight at an affordable price. TRP begins with forged T6 aluminum caliper arms for plenty of rigidity. There is no scrimping with SwissStop® cartridge brake pads, adjustable pad holders, Teflon bushings and titanium hardware are the parts that sum up to a whole unmatched in performance and value.

At only 130 grams per caliper (260 grams for the set), the R920 SL is lighter than Dura-Ace, Record, and Red. Representing over 10 years of design, materials and manufacturing evolution, the R920 SL has achieved a refined dual pivot design for gobs of well-modulated braking power.


  • Forged T6 aluminum arms
  • Inplace Road CNC adjustable pad holders
  • SwissStop cartridge pads
  • Titanium hardware
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Quick release lever
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