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Road    Rims - Clincher

DT Swiss RR 440 Rim

The RR 440 rim is a touch wider at 21mm versus the 19.4mm RR 415 and RR 465 while still maintaining the build quality and strength consistent with DT rims. DT also offers a companion RR 440 Asymmetric for rear wheels.

The most talked about benefit of a slightly wider rim is how it contributes to both better ride quality and more solid handling. It does this by better supporting the tire with reduced tire deflection in corners. So say goodbye to squishy, squirrelly cornering and rail descents with confidence. Improved tire alignment over the rim also allows lower tire pressure for a better ride and reduces the chance of pinch flats.

The rim itself is constructed from extruded 7000 series aluminum and the rim joint has DT's proprietary SBWT welding process for a smooth and strong seam. The sidewalls are machined for a flat, smooth and consistent braking surface. There are wear indicators (basically a shallow dimple) so you can get the full safe use of the rim.


  • 450 grams
  • SBWT welded rim joint
  • Single eyelet
  • ERD 599
  • 21mm outer width

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Reg Price $96.90
Item #: 922011 Weight: 440g