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Syncros RR1.0 Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel

Many riders feel the 46mm rim depth wheel is the perfect depth for a go-to wheel for all types of riding. The RR1.0 is Syncros's idea of perfection in this category. It features a superb rim design, DT hubs and spokes for a vaild candidate for your next wheel.

The RR1.0 is meant to deliver lightweight performance with no penalty in reliability or durability. The full carbon clincher offers superior aerodynamics in a wider design, which also facilitates better handling in the wind and lateral stiffness needed for quick accelerations. The CNC machined hubs are a DT Swiss designed product which translates to many trouble-free miles and complete serviceability. DT Swiss super butted 14-17g spokes attach the hub to the rim. The wheel is 20 hole and 2x laced. Rim strip included.


  • Complete carbon rim construction
  • Complete carbon rim construction
  • 20 hole spoke count
  • 830 grams
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