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Shimano RS80-C50-CL Wheelset

The RS80 C50 clincher wheelset is very similar to the highly-prized Dura-Ace 7850 C50 wheels except for the RS hubs that add a scant 40 grams. This technology trickle-down provides nearly identical performance for a price several hundred dollars less.

The 50mm section is the sweet spot for maximum aerodynamic benefit without excessive buffeting from crosswinds. This makes the RS80 C50 wheels perfect for time trials, criteriums and road racing.

One of the best features of the 7850-C50 clincher wheels is their tuned ride quality. Shimano uses black, stainless steel bladed, butted spokes and silver alloy nipples with just the right tension to be firm enough for descents and hard-cornering, but with some give over the bumps just like a pair of well-constructed, hand-built wheels. Easily serviced hubs and super-high Shimano build quality guarantee reliable and durable performance.

The Shimano RS80-C50-CL Clincher Wheelset is fully compatible with Shimano 8, 9, and 10 speed systems (as well as SRAM). These wheels have an aluminum braking surface so no special brake pads are required.


  • 1850 grams
  • Skewers included
  • 50mm rim section
  • Carbon/aluminum rim
  • External nipples for easy truing
  • Includes spoke wrench and valve extenders
  • 20 bladed, butted steel rear spokes laced 2x
  • Easily serviced ball-bearing hub design
  • Shimano 8, 9, 10 and SRAM compatible
  • 16 bladed, butted steel front spokes radially laced

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     Anonymous : 

    I anxiously awaited the arrival of these wheels, and have not been disappointed. I was looking for a medium depth clincher wheel with a long wearing, reliable bearing system but dura ace was slightly too high priced for me. These have been perfect! Everything the description says it does is well met. The characteristics that stick out most for me have been the lateral stiffness, I've not yet been able to make these wheels rub the brake pads while sprinting, but I can with EVERY other wheel I own. Also the smoothness of the bearings and probably the vertical stiffness stick out also. The ride can be a tad harsh but is greatly smoothed out with a 24-25mm tire on the rear. Aerodynamics are behind Zipp and Hed but so is every other wheel maker. Cross wind handling is good, with practice, I would recommend these wheels to anyone on a budget that wants a well built, stiff wheelset.