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Road    Tubes

Continental Race Road Tube

Continental's high quality Race Road Tubes are subject to stringent quality control. We love the reliability and durability of these tubes, and they are a staff favorite. Seamless design and vulcanization ensure uniform roundness and enhanced strength around the valve stem. Tubes seem to be such a simple product. but when you are putting 100+ psi in them for hours of riding in all conditions, you realize how important quality is.

Conti's tubes feature a mid-length, threaded 42mm valve stem and a removable valve core for easily adding sealant when you need puncture insurance. These tubes offer a broader range than most, and are designed to start compact and safely stretch as required to the upper limit. We offer these tubes in both 650 and 700 rim sizes. Most riders will be on 700 rims, while some very small, custom, or speciality bikes may require 650. 700c


  • High quality, seamless, vulcanized rubber, road bike tube with uniform roundness
  • All Continental tubes are subject to stringent quality control
  • Removable valve core for replacement, adding a valve extender, or adding sealant
  • 42mm threaded valve stem
  • Size/Weight: 650x18-25 96g, 700x18-25 105g, 700x25-32 125g, 700x32-47 155g
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