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Continental Race Road Tube 60mm

This is the same tube as the standard Race Road tube, except with a longer 60mm valve for aero and semi-aero rims. The Race road tube is a high-quality and reliable tube at a good price. Continental has a good eye on quality control. We never see blems or seconds. The valve construction is stout and durable. It features a removable core which can be replaced if damaged or substituted with a longer-than-60mm valve for deep aero rims. The removable core also allows for the addition of sealant like Stan's NoTubes tire sealant.


  • Our best-selling 60mm tube
  • Solid construction
  • Removable valve cores
  • Threaded valve stem
  • Knurled washer and orange cap included
  • 106 grams
Reg Price $10.95
Item #: 960302