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Panaracer Race Type A EVO2 Tire

The Race Type A EVO2 is the current evolution of the Race A tire and is clearly one of the best racing-training clinchers you can purchase. Improvements over the prior version include improved wear times and decreased rolling resistance. The inner diameter of the tire has been slightly increased for easier tire installation. Panaracer engineers made an already-great tire reach its full potential.

The Race A EVO2 is a product of innovative and proven technology that offers solid results on the road. It features the AC, All Contact shape and profile. This refers to the steeper angle and profile/shape of the tread from the center of the tire to the bead. In short, when the tire rolls over to a lean angle, you get complete contact or All Contact for superb grip and stability. It is very similar to Moto GP technology in the motorcycle world. This design works in tandem with Panaracer's ZSG dual compound tread. With ZSG, the center tread is a harder diameter for less resistance and faster rolling while the sides of the tire are a softer and more flexible compound for grip. Combine the dual compound ZSG tread with the AC profile and that's when the magic happens. Roll straight and fast, then lean the tire over for grip.

The ZSG tread is elastic and resilient which leads to longevity. We have found the wear times to be longer than many training tires. For added durability, Panaracer uses a protective layer which is coined the PT Shield. It is a flexible fabric that manages to be both superlight and pliant, similar to Kevlar, but stronger. The flexible PT Shield combined with the AX casing's fine threads provides the rider with a supple road feel with real world durability. Flats and cuts from road debris are not an issue with the Race A. Although billed as a race tire it is a perfect choice for either racing or training.

The Race A offers great technology and a tire that can compete with any high-end race tire in terms of both performance and durability. But when it comes to value and bang for the buck it remains in a class of its own. Try a pair and see what all the fuss is about.


  • Fast, durable and long lasting
  • ZSG dual compound tread
  • AC All Contact shape
  • PT Shield lightweight protection layer
  • Supple but strong AX casing
  • All condition wet/dry compound
  • Choose from black or red
  • Availible in 23mm and 25mm widths
  • 210 grams - 23mm
  • 238 grams - 25mm
  • Made in Japan
Reg Price $69.99


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Average Rating:


Posted on 1/22/2016

Currently my go to tire. Holds up well in Northern California, although as I get older I dont ride in the rain as much as I once did. Very comfortable and strong side walls, as compared to Contis.

Pros endurance, comfort


Posted on 10/12/2014

Great ride, great stick and great durability. Have been riding a set of 25c for over 2,000 miles. Rotated them at 1,400 and should get almost 3,000 miles from the pair. Not flats (knock on wood!) I found the 25c measured true to size (as opposed to the Type D which I found flared a couple of mm after the first ride). Much more supple and fun to ride than the Type D (though that tire is a better choice if you want ultimate durability). If you are looking for a durable race tire with longevity this is it.


Posted on 7/12/2013

Absolutely confidence inspiring in corners and descents. Easy to install, unlike last year's tire. Seemed sticky, until I got about 20 miles on them, then they rolled as fast as my Conti 4000 tires.

Pros price, stability and sure-footedness

Cons took 20mi to break-in


Posted on 7/4/2013

I have last year's Race A model. A very tight fit. The inverted V AC profile works well with my neutral handling Trek Madone. Makes it more responsive to turns with a slight penalty in straight ahead tracking compared to previously used Vredestein Tri-comps. My set come in at 231 grams each for the 23 mm size, within a gram of said Vredesteins.

Pros cornering

Cons straight line tracking


Posted on 7/3/2013

Best performance tire for the money, used to use the Grand Prix 4000s. These last as long and work just as well.

Pros Low price, last long time

Cons none


Posted on 11/23/2012

Yep, great rubber. Sticks to the road and am kind of in awe about the long wear time. Best tire for the price I have found. Other tires I have used: Mich Pro 3, Conti Grand Prix and Hutch Fusions.

Pros price and wear time

Cons none


Posted on 10/26/2012

Awesome tire. Initially bought it because a friend I ride with has been riding them and was talking them up. Also, the price was low compared to other rubber. Turns out, it's really good rubber. sticks and rolls great. Probably have about 700 or so miles on them and no signs of wear yet. Took a little elbow grease to get on my rims, about as much as the Conti 4000s that I was using prior.

Pros good product and price and wear

Cons none yet