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Panaracer Race Type L EVO2 Tire

Take Panaracer's golden standard for road racing, the Race Type A EVO2 and remove the PT protection belt and you get a lighter weight version of this great tire that is now purpose built for racing. If you love Panaracer like we do and are willing to forego some durability to shave valuable rotaing mass, you shold consider the Race L tires.

The Race L EVO2 is a product of innovative and proven technology that offers solid results on the road. It features the AC, All Contact shape and profile. This refers to the steeper angle and profile/shape of the tread from the center of the tire to the bead. In short, when the tire rolls over to a lean angle, you get complete contact or All Contact for superb grip and stability. It is very similar to Moto GP technology in the motorcycle world. This design works in tandem with Panaracer's ZSG dual compound tread. With ZSG, the center tread is a harder diameter for less resistance and faster rolling while the sides of the tire are a softer and more flexible compound for grip. Combine the dual compound ZSG tread with the AC profile and that's when the magic happens. Roll straight and fast, then lean the tire over for grip. The ZSG tread is elastic and resilient which leads to longevity. We have found the wear times to be longer than many training tires.


  • Fast, durable and long lasting
  • ZSG dual compound tread
  • AC All Contact shape
  • Supple but strong AX casing
  • All condition wet/dry compound
  • Availible in 20mm and 23mm widths
  • 168 grams - 20mm
  • 181 grams - 23mm
  • Made in Japan
Reg Price $69.95
Item #: 723530