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Mountain    Tires - 29 inch

Schwalbe Racing Ralph TL Ready Evo SS

The Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tubeless Ready Evo Snake Skin 29'er tire is probably the most popular choice among racers and those who like to ride fast and in control because it balances great traction in a wide variety of conditions and excellent reliability all at a relatively low weight. After all, what good is a featherweight mountain tire if it fails to hold air effectively?

Schwalbe uses their Pacestar triple rubber compound with the softer compound on the sides to really grip in hard cornering. The square tread blocks are a touch less aggressive than the Rocket Rons but deliver almost the same bite in a faster rolling tire. One unique feature on the tread block is a V groove in each block. This siping allows the tread to conform over the trail for a distinct grip advantage over non-siped tires. Knob spacing is fairly wide making the Racing Ralph ideal for virtually any trail conditions.

This Racing Ralph is tubeless ready so you can run lower pressures without the fear of pinch flats. A Snake Skin barrier consists of an abrasion resistant layer on the side wall that provides both sidewall protection and durability. Racing Ralphs are one of best sealing tires and a snap to install. Just use with your favorite sealant.


  • Excel Sports staff favorite
  • Low rolling resistance
  • SnakeSkin barrier
  • Staggered center tread pattern
  • Tubeless ready
  • 676 grams actual weight
Reg Price $88.25
Item #: 756001 Weight: 676g