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Yokozuna Reaction Cable System

The Yokozuna Reaction cable system should be considered an upgrade to any shifting and braking system on any bike, regardless of the component system. Most of the time, we recommend sticking with the manufacturers OE spec for replacement parts and more often than not, we find an 'upgrade' can ironically cause a reduction in performance. This certainly is not the case with Yokozuna cables and housings. To better understand this product, you need to break it down into two distinctions: shifting and braking.

When trying to improve your braking system with cables and housing, the idea is pretty simple, reduce friction between the cable and housing while reducing compression in the housing. Seems relatively simple, but is hard to achieve without the proper tech. The Yokozuna housings have what they call RapidWire Compressionless Technology. The way the housings are constructed and wound, truly provide the industry and riders with the first housing completely void of compression. Doing so permits perfect cable response with great linear feel. Both braking power and modulation are improved. The lack of compression also greatly reduces friction due to the cable having a stout/compressionless piece of housing to move through. The cable is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and are tightly wound causing them to be somewhat strecth-less - a perfect complement to the RapidWire housing.

Shifting is taken care of by Yokozuna's Jet Lubed housing and cables. The 'Jet Lubed' process injects the proper amount of grease throughout the housing, not just on one end(or not at all) like other manufacturers. The housing itself is stout and high quality, while the cables are, like the brake cables, top shelf. Tightly wound and made from the best stainless steel available. The result is a giant reduction in friction - the number one culprit in decreased shifting performance. Yokozuna claims 10% less friction, we claim this is an understatment - they are a marked improvement.

Considering how much gained improvement you find vs. the cost, we highly recommend giving these a try. Available in Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo. Full derailleur and brakeset, end caps and ferrules included for one complete bike.


  • Smoke/dark grey or White colored housing
  • Top quality
  • Full brake/derailleur cable and housing set
  • Superior performance
  • Made in Japan
  • $49.95
    Reg Price $65.95
    Item #: 585005