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Cobb Rear Hydration Mount with Seat Bag

John Cobb's niche in the market of understanding rider needs in relation to performance and aerodynamics, led him to the design of the new rear mount water system that is optional with Cobb saddles. With this design, Cobb eliminates the hassle of needing several brackets, screws and clamps with its aerodynamically developed rear bracket.

John Cobb spent several hours in the Texas A&M wind tunnel working out the best placement for the bottles, to allow the lowest drag of any rear bottle system. The new system will mount either one or two bottle cages. The rear bracket also makes a great transition rack mount and has convenient slots for holding your spare kit. This bracket completely clears up the bottom side of the saddle making it cleaner for better airflow under the rider while allowing for much easier seat adjustments on the bike.

Bottles and cages not included.


  • Wind tunnel test for lowest drag placement
  • Easily attaches to base of saddle
  • Includes bag for flat repair kit
  • Mounts one or two bottle cages (sold separately)

The rear mount water system is currently only available for the latest saddles, the Fifty-five JOF and the Gen 2

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