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Campagnolo Record Crankset Mid Compact

The Record 11-speed crankset is now available with 36-52 mid compact chainrings. We find the 36-52 combination is perfect for us here in Boulder, Colorado. It allows us to seamlessly go up steep climbs or do fast group rides without feeling like we ever need a bigger or smaller gear. In fact, riders from all over who have tried every combination are increasingly choosing the 36-52 combo for the most usable gearing options.

Campagnolo's Record 11-speed cranks feature Ultra-Hollow™ technology to reduce extra weight where it is not required. This provides the optimal weight to rigidity ratio. Not only did Campy figure out a way to leave a hollow channel in the crank arm, they also reduced excess material in the spider as well. Stout and burly on the outside and completely void of anything but air on the inside. This is not new, but we though it is worth a mention. What is new are the re-designed chainrings and how they attach to the crankset.

Campagnolo engineers have developed the XPSS style chainring which offers 8 ascending zones for up shifts and 2 descending zones for down shifting. Coupled with the AFT anti friction coating, the shifting has never been faster and more accurate. These zones along with the slippery AFT coating literally escort the chain back and forth from inner to outer ring and back.

Gone are the use of chain ring bolts. Now we see just one bolt that is inserted through the hole of the outer ring/spider and threads directly into the inner ring. This reduces a small amount of weight, but more importantly, increases strength and rigidity. The chainrings are fully compatible with both EPS and standard shifting systems.

High quality bearings are installed on the axles, but the BB cups must be purchases separately.


  • XPSS chainring profile
  • One bolt fixing feature
  • AFT coated rings
  • 627 grams
  • Hollow crank arms and spider
  • Compatible with EPS and standard shifting

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