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Campagnolo Record Skeleton Brake Calipers Dual-Dual

This style brakeset is referred to as the "DP" - dual pivot calipers for front and rear. Although we have found the Single Pivot rear caliper to offer ample stopping power, Campagnolo decided some riders will need even more power for the rear wheel, hence this option.

The one feature that distinguishes Record (and Super Record) brakesets form other brakesets in Campagnolo's range - and any other brake on the market, is the fact that the calipers rotate on a bearing, not a bushing. This feature gives a smooth and consistent feel unmatched by any other brake made. It also gives the brake a better look - there is no external silver bolt to house the bushing, just a smooth looking alloy caliper arm. Looks better, functions better and will not collect dirt and grime in the bolt head used in bushing designs. The logos have the updated Campagnolo Record 11 graphics.

A significant upgrade has been made in the pads and pad holders. The holders now have a locking clip and slide in and out with ease - this is a huge step forward and long overdue. Anyone who has tried to replace pads prior to this features will remember the wrestling match and frustration associated with changing pads. The brake shoe holder has also been scalloped for weight savings. The pad compound has been improved to reduce braking distance in both dry and wet conditions and last longer to boot!


  • Arms rotate on bearings
  • Dual pivot front and rear
  • Black polished finish
  • Easy brake pad removal
  • Improved pad compound
  • 303 grams
  • Made in Italy
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Item #: 100702 Weight: 300g
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