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SRAM Red 22 Hydro Front Shifter Disc Brake

SRAM has a ton of experience in hydraulic braking technology with their Avid brand, and they have reset the vision for road and cyclocross bike braking with the Red 22 Hydro Shifter. This shifter retains many of the improvement incorporated into SRAM's flagship 11-speed group but with hydraulic braking for more braking power with less pressure needed at the lever taking speed control to the next level.

The hoods are slightly taller versus the mechanical but have the larger carbon levers and reach adjust like the mechanical braking version. Each lever has an independent reach adjuster that is easily accessed with a 2.5mm hex wrench so there are no excuses for not having perfect reach adjustment. A Connectamajig (play of words off "rollamajig") is a coupling that makes installation easy because it just pushes in and twists into place so you can run your hoses without needing to bleed the system.

Double Tap shifting where both up and downshifts are delivered through a single lever. A light push gets into the small chainring and a more extended push moves the chain into the large chainring. ZeroLoss™ shifting is retained where there is always an immediate shift response. A complete set of cable and housing are included, but the shifting cables can only be routed on the inside of the handle bar.

Includes shift/hydraulic brake levers, hose and caliper.

Shifter and Master Cylinder Features

  • All new master cylinder specifically designed for road applications
  • New Red 22 shifter design and ergonomics including reach adjust
  • Lower hand forces required
  • Open system hydraulic
  • Fully sealed system
  • Easy bleed access

Disc Brake Caliper Features

  • 74mm Post mount
  • Optimized power & modulation for road & cross
  • 19mm front/18mm rear pistons
  • Lower hand forces required
  • Road specific caliper and piston ratio
  • Fully sealed system
  • 160mm for pavement, 140mm option for off-road
  • 449 grams per wheel (Lever, Caliper, Hose and 160mm HSX rotor)

Rotors & caliper mounting spacers/brackets are sold separately

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