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SRAM Red Aero Link Brake Calipers

The crafty engineers at SRAM were able to significantly improve the original Red caliper design by reducing weight and improving both stopping power and modulation. Clearance for a wider rim design was improved as well (think Zipp Firecrest). Most significantly, the new Aero Link brake calipers are noticeably smoother and more friction free than the version they replaced.

The most interesting feature is the Aero Link pivot added to the caliper arms. The brake is basically a single pivot design that is enhanced by the addition of an added pivot to increase power and modulation. In short, the main pivot is actuated by the Aero Link or secondary pivot. Leaving no stone unturned, SRAM completely revamped the quick release. It features 3 distinct notches for adjusting clearance as well as the standard turn-screw mechanism for small and infinite cable adjustment.

Brake shoe holders have been machine relieved in every place possible to shave weight and have Swiss Stop pads installed. The polish and finish details of the calipers leave no doubt in anyone's mind that this is SRAM's top offering. Set include front and rear caliper.


  • Aero Link enhanced single pivot design
  • Beautiful polish
  • Swiss Stop pads
  • Big-time clearance for wide rims
  • Macro and micro adjustable cable tension
  • 248 grams
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