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Road    Derailleurs - Front

SRAM Red Yaw Front Derailleur Braze-On

SRAM's Red Yaw front derailleur receives a complete makeover that goes above and beyond addressing all the issues with its much maligned predecessor. The Yaw front derailleur overall has a much more refined appearance in terms of both aesthetics and build quality. The new hybrid aluminum/steel cage features an inner cage made of steel for very fast, positive shifts plus a lot more durability for a greatly increased lifespan.

Yaw™ technology means the derailleur cage actually rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain. This eliminates the need for shifter trim so you are never "that guy" in the group with the chain noisily rubbing the derailleur cage. As a result, shifts feel more direct, more precise, and combined with the new SRAM Red crankset and chainrings, delivers an unmatched performance advantage in front shifting.

Included with the front derailleur is a chain spotter also known as a chain catcher. The included SRAM chain spotter is nicely made and can be adjusted independently of the front derailleur. It prevents the chain from being dropped on the inside and is an insurance policy that effectively protects expensive carbon frames.


  • 75 grams actual weight
  • Yaw cage rotates in line with chain
  • Slim spring design eliminates frame interference
  • Steel inner cage for durability
  • Works with standard and compact cranks
  • Includes chain retention device
  • Optimized for shifting with X GlideR Chainrings
Reg Price $132.00
Item #: 119940 Weight: 75g
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 Anonymous : 

Yes, the 2012 derailleur does shift far better than the old version. I changed on old one for the new on my Scott, and the difference was amazing. However, I recently bought a LOOK 695 with full SRAM components. The front derailleur has been a chronic sore point. I set the alignment and tightened the derailleur to SRAM specifications, and the the derailleur rotates within 2-3 shifts! I have constant chain rub issues in the large chainring. Now I am torquing the derailleur far beyond specs, and it holds position for 3-4 days. I consider this an unacceptable situation, and I'm wondering if a Shimano derailleur would work better.

Pros: Great shifting

Cons: Constant adjustment; danger of stripping.


 Anonymous : 

Installed with my 2010 Force components, and shifts 100 better. I do not need to trim anymore. Works as advertised.

Pros: Front shifting is flawless.

Cons: Have trim detent in the big ring I do not need.