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Road    Derailleurs - Rear

SRAM Red22 Aero Glide Rear Derailleur

Now refined for twenty-two speeds, the new SRAM Red 22 rear derailleur has been designed to take SRAM shifting performance to its highest level yet. SRAM has paid special attention to the finer details, like adding a hollow titanium anchor bolt and even refining tooth geometry of the jockey wheel. The result is that the chain runs through the new SRAM RED 22 Rear Derailleur smoother and quieter than ever before.

The new Red Aero Glide rear derailleur retains SRAM's Exact Actuation™ for easy set up and precise shifts. Exact actuation means the derailleur moves the same distance for every shift and the distance the cable travels with every click is identical. So even and exact shifts occur over whole shifting range. The Red rear derailleur is able to handle rear cassettes up to 28 teeth and both standard and compact cranks.

Compatibility is with SRAM Red 22 and Force 22 Shift/Brake levers.


  • 145 grams actual weight
  • Exact Actuation™ shifting provides fast, accurate shifts
  • More clearance with 28t cassettes thanks to a longer B-knuckle
  • New silent shifting with optimized AeroGlide Pulleys™, ceramic bearings
  • New spring-fixed barrel adjuster
  • New chain pulley cage adds precise chain management
  • Titanium pinch bolt keeps a low profile while minimizing weight
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 Anonymous : 

Garbage! This applies to all the SRAM Red derailleurs I've used. I've had three, three fail! The first (10 speed) broke the tension spring that pushes the derailleur body out to the high gears. The second and third (10 and 11 speed) wore the retention system that holds the pulley housing in the unit. Both of these popped the entire pulley housing body out of the derailleur.

None of these problems were repairable! The retention system failure is a design problem; SRAM chose a cheap and "easy" retainer that is bound to wear and fail. I will replace this derailleur, but I will never recommend SRAM products or buy new ones in the future.

Pros: Light

Cons: Poor design. Poor materials. Poor shifting.