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DT Swiss Revolution Spoke 14-17 Gauge

DT Swiss introduced the Revolution spoke for those who are looking for a lighter weight alternative to their Competition spokes. The Revolution spokes are made with a rotary forging process. This process not only forms the final shape and butting of the spoke, but it also compresses the metal eliminating voids while aligning the grain structure of the spoke. This process is essential to make the Revolution spoke as strong as it is and able to hold up to the rigors of cycling. DT Swiss rolls the threads onto their Revolution spokes as well. This process, similar to the forging process, compresses the metal and makes a much stronger thread than if the threads were cut out of the spoke.

We like the Revolution spokes for a multitude of reasons but most importantly their ride quality is great. They provide a smooth ride which is great for long days in the saddle. They also provide a weight similar to the Aerolite with a cost more similar to the Competition. If Lightweight and performance are two things you are looking for in your next wheel this is the spoke for you.

Nipples are not included, so remember to order them in addition to the spokes if you need them. We recommend DT ProLock nipples when pairing black or colored nipples with black anodized spokes. ProLock nips have tolerances designed to accommodate the anodization process when used on both spoke and nipple.


  • Choose from silver or black anodized
  • Radial forged
  • 14-17 gauge
  • Rolled threads
  • Made in Switzerland

You must specify size in millimeter lengths in the comments section of your order.

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Posted on 5/9/2010 4:34:29 PM

These are absolutely great spokes. I have been using them for 15 years and have built up 10 different wheels with them, the last of which has roughly 20K miles on it. These are great for front wheels and NDS on the rear--I usually pair them with DT Comp spokes for the rear DS. Care must be taken when bringing these spokes to tension as they twist readily. Just hold on to them so you can feel them windup, over-tighten the nipple a bit, then back down to unwind the spoke. Of course, as with any other spoke, you must stress-relieve the spokes and bring them to tension in stages. I have only broken one of these in the last 10 years--and in two cases, I swapped out the rim while keeping the same spokes.


Posted on 3/26/2008 10:05:44 AM

these are great, and surprisingly strong, spokes. i have them laced on a pair of mavic mr601 hubs and cxp33 rims as radial on the front and rear non-drive, and 3x on the drive side. i built the wheel myself and has about 5000 miles on it. i’ve only had to true the rear twice, and that’s with only a quarter turn on the nipples (yes, i’m that anal).