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DT Swiss Revolution Spoke 14-17 Gauge

The DT Revolution spokes features a 2.0mm-1.5mm-2.0mm (14g-17g-14g) butting for lightweight without sacrificing strength. DT Swiss has engineered proprietary machining methods to make the butting strong and elegant. This is commonly referred as super butting.

We stock most even millimeter sizes 250mm - 300mm as well as 293mm, 295mm and 297mm. We stock the silver (stainless steel) color only. We do not have the DT Revolution spokes in black.

Nipples not included - please order nipples separately.


  • Super butted
  • Saves a lot of weight.
  • Rolled threads
  • Only 4 grams per spoke
  • Made in Switzerland

Give our sales staff a call if you have any questions. Our professional wheel builders are happy to walk you through the process 800.627.6664

Please note: You must specify size in millimeter lengths in the comments section of your order.

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Item #: 500500 Weight: 5g
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