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Road    Rim Strips & Valve Extenders

Velox Rimstrip

Velox Rim strips have practically been around since the invention of the wheel. They are popular because they are both reliable and easy to install. The strips are cloth construction and will hold up to years of abuse while tucked under the tube of your wheel. The back of the cloth has a sticky tape applied to make installation a snap and also prevents the rim tape from migrating once installed.

Choose 16mm for most standard road or mountain rims that are sub 25mm in width. Choose 22mm for wider trekking or DH mountain rims. Sold individually.


  • Durable cloth construction
  • Choose from 16mm or 22mm
  • Made in France

If you are running a contemporary 25mm width rim we suggest you use a Zipp or Continental 18mm width rim srtip.

Reg Price $4.95
Item #: 961200