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SRAM Rise 40 29er Rear Wheel

Smart design and good value is what you will get with SRAMS's Ride 40 rear wheel. At the core is the proprietary hub which has asymmetrical flanges. The disc flange diameter is larger to resist twisting and torque from the pull on the disc rotor. The non-disc flange is smaller in diameter and drilled recessions in the outside of the flange help reduce weight. Drillings for spokes are directly into the top of the hub for durable, straight pull spokes. SRAM chose 15mm black straight pull to join the rim and hub. The asymmetric disc-only rim is constructed of light alloy that has been anodized black and has a distinctive decal set applied. The rim depth is 21mm and the bead to bead ID is 19mm. Total weight of the wheel is 1075 grams.


  • Asymmetrical rim
  • 6 bolt ISO disc pattern
  • 135mm width
  • Standard QR axle
  • 24 hole
  • 1075 grams
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