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Road    Tubes

Vredestein Road Tube

The basic Vredestein road tube is your standard issue training tube that will give you both durability and reliability when riding. Quality construction with medium width wall thickness brings the tube at the 100 gram mark.

The diameter of the tube is 700x20-25mm which will fit any road tire. Vredestein give you three valve length options to choose from. They may be purchased in 35mm, 60mm and 80mm depending on your rim profile. A 35mm valve fits most standard rims while the 60mm fits semi aero rims profiles. The 80mm fits deeper rims like the Zipp 404/Enve 45 carbon clinchers. A good rule of thumb is to have the valve stem be at least 20mm longer than the profile of the rim. These tubes have a removable core which can be replaced if damaged or substituted with a longer valve extenders.

The 35mm valve has a threaded valve stem. The 60mm and 80mm valve stems are smooth.


  • Choose from 35mm, 60mm and 80mm valve lengths
  • valve core
  • Robust and durable
  • 100 grams

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Item #: 960450