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3T Rotundo Team Handlebar

The 3T Rotundo Team OS is a perfect choice for riders who like the lightweight and ride qualities of Carbon in a bar with a traditional round shape and medium drop. This bar has also been seen on many Pro Tour rider's bikes. It is made from constant thickness carbon fiber for incredible strength and very low weight. The 3T Rotundo Team handlebars are CEN certified and compatible with most aero bars.

3T handlebars have been on pro bikes for decades. They were a staple on Excel Sports Boulder build kits many years ago. A couple years ago, 3T decided to stage a comeback. They hired a technical director from the Ferrari F1 team and made a major investment in engineering resulting in new, improved, advanced designs with modern materials engineering. 3T reviewed every aspect of their business and it paid off with many spot-on new products some of which were used to win the last Tour de France and gold medals in Beijing.


  • 31.8mm
  • 192 grams
  • Compatible with most aero bars
  • Measured center to center
  • 139mm drop and 82mm reach
  • $269.95
    Reg Price $349.95
    Item #: 382042 Weight: 192g