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Road    Chainrings

Rotor Round Outer Chainring

If you want a Rotor ring because of the high quality machining and anodization but are not fond of the ovalized profile, this chainring if for you. It has the same features and finish of the Q-Rings except it is completely round. profiled teeth aid shifting and durable finish adds longevity. Works with all 10 speed drivetrains and mounts to most 130mm BCD cranksets. Best when paired with a Rotor inner chainring.


  • Black anodized
  • 130mm BCD
  • works with 10 speed drivetrains
  • Multiple drillings for weight savings
  • $114.95
    Reg Price $134.95
    Item #: 159105


    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    The Rotor chainrings have been a big disappointment. i ordered them on my new Look 695 in preference to the Look rings. Result: They don't shift well. Shifting from small to large chainring is a gamble. About half the time the chain does not move to the large ring quickly; instead it grinds between the two rings for several crank revolutions before it moves. I thought the problem was my derailleur adjustment. This weekend at a race another rider asked me if I liked the Rotor rings. He had them too. He said he had trouble, "especially shifting to the large ring." My advice is - save your money and look (Look) elsewhere.