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Vittoria Rubino Pro III Tire

The Rubino Pro is the best choice in a Vittoria tire for high-mileage and durability. It is an excellent choice for a training, winter and sometimes race tire. It has heavier duty materials than other Vittoria tires but still manages to retain a smooth ride quality.

The 150 tpi casing offers good a balance between ride quality and sidewall durability. The dual density, twin tread has softer rubber on the sides and denser rubber down the center to give the rider fast rolling with lower resistance and more grip when the tire is rolled over. This tread features the Prisma COM Vector pattern which is designed to work on smooth and rough terrain. It also fairs well in both wet and dry conditions. The RRB belt under the tread helps prevent punctures and is supple enough to not adversely affect the ride quality.

The Rubino Pro is offered in a few different color options to match your bike or you can just choose the standard black.


  • 150 tpi nylon casing
  • Aramid Endura dual density compound
  • PRB puncture protection belt
  • Prisma C.O.M. Vector tread pattern
  • 229 grams -23mm
  • 245 grams -25mm
  • 260 grams -28mm

From $28.88

Reg Price $48.95
Item #: 723070 Weight: 235g