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PRO S-Slide 20 Minitool

Pro's top offering in the minitool line up has a huge variety of tools that will fix just about any mechanical that comes your way on the road. The quality of the tool and its appendages are near perfect. The latter rotate in and out of the tool with ease due to the tight tolerances. A tire lever and open end hex tool slide out for easy use. The body of the multi tool is alloy while all of the tools are nickel plated for added durability. A handy nylon carrying case is included or you can run it without the bag to save room in your seat bag. It's no secret that the PRO line up of tools are made by Shimano, so expect it to work perfectly for a long time.

Tool List

  • 2mm hex
  • 2.5mm hex
  • 3mm hex
  • 4mm hex
  • 5mm hex
  • 6mm hex
  • 8mm hex
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Philips 1 screwdriver
  • Phillips 2 screwdrivers
  • Torx T25
  • 3 Spoke wrenches
  • 8mm box wrench
  • 9mm box wrench
  • 10mm box wrench
  • Tire lever
  • Ruler


  • Nickel plated tools
  • Alloy body
  • Integrated design
  • 616 grams
  • Made in Japan
Reg Price $39.95
Item #: 522250 Weight: 616g
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